How We’re Improving Your Online Insomniac Experience With AWS


Just about every year, EDC makes a move into new and exciting international territory. Each time that happens, the popularity of flagship events like EDC Las Vegas—and really, all of our festivals—goes up. More interested Headliners means more eyeballs on our websites, and more traffic increases the potential for downtime. No bueno—not with EDC Las Vegas 2017 on the horizon.

To make sure our community is getting the best and most efficient experience possible during one of our highest-traffic times, we’ve been doing a little online housekeeping. Over the last few months, we’ve migrated more than 20 festival websites, including EDC Las Vegas, over to Amazon Web Services—an on-demand, cloud-based operating platform.

This raises the question: Where were the sites hosted before? Answer: on racks in a cold, lonely room somewhere that, if something horrible were to happen to said rack or room, would lead to an all-out server crash. Back in those cold, sad rack days, anytime we’d experience a lot of concurrent users—that’s you all—festival sites would slow down or could even go into full outage, and everyone knows you never go full outage. The switch to AWS basically means that all our website data lives in perpetuity on the cloud, shared by a giant network of computers that occupy space all around the world.

What does that mean? In simple terms, it means that whenever someone at the company comes up with a ridiculous new festival idea, we can put up a website quicker and easier than ever before. It means that during times when we have multiple events on sale, sites will load faster, be more stable, and experience significantly more “uptime,” which is a fancy way of saying it won’t crash. Trying to buy a bunch of tickets for yourself and your rave fam from all the way out in Qatar? No problem.

Tickets to EDC Las Vegas 2017 are on sale now. Is there currently a ton of traffic going to the site? Yup. But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team