The Sounds of EDC Las Vegas: Biggest Drops

In our experience, music has the power to define every single moment in our lives. A dope jam can give meaning to the little things in life while making them feel a million times more special. As Headliners lock down their plans for next year’s EDC Las Vegas—our home away from home—we’ll be bringing you themed playlists that touch on the various phases of the unforgettable journey we look forward to sharing each and every year.

Once the warmup DJs hit eject on their USBs, there’s a noticeable shift in tone and intensity that gradually thickens with every subsequent changeover throughout the night. As the baton passes from artist to artist, each set should become bigger and bangier than the one before it. And by the height of the night, every single drop should feel so massive that it could swallow you up whole without even trying. These next 10 tracks have the type of bite perfect for peak-time.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team