The Sounds of EDC Las Vegas: Opening Sets

In our experience, music has the power to define every single moment in our lives. A dope jam can give meaning to the little things in life while making them feel a million times more special. As Headliners lock down their plans for this year’s EDC Las Vegas—our home away from home—we’ll be bringing you themed playlists that touch on the various phases of the unforgettable journey we look forward to sharing each and every year.

As much as everyone loves a good banger, there’s a time and place for DJs to throw down a tear-out set. The opening slot is not one of them. Warming up the floor is an art form, and any opener worth their salt knows better than to toss out peak-time jams all willy-nilly (that’s what these skilled party-starters would tell you). After all, EDC is a dusk-till-dawn affair, and god forbid the crowd gets burned out right at the starting line. It’s a huge responsibility, and picking the right lead-in tracks takes a lot more thought and care than you may think.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team