The Sounds of EDC Las Vegas: wasteLAND

In our experience, music has the power to define every single moment in our lives. A dope jam can give meaning to the little things in life while making them feel a million times more special. As Headliners lock down their plans for this year’s EDC Las Vegas—our home away from home—we’ll be bringing you themed playlists that touch on the various phases of the unforgettable journey we look forward to sharing each and every year.

Set in a dystopian future where mankind’s last hope is hard dance, wasteLAND always delivers surreal stages that could have easily been taken out of a trippy sci-fi flick. Previous years have transported us to the ruins of great cities like New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco, where Headliners have adopted the Basscon ethos of dancing like today is your last day. Hardstyle, hardcore, gammer and the likes dominate this barren land of raw and unruly beats, and there’s enough of that to go around in the playlist we’ve pieced together below.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team