EDC Debut: Hermitude’s 20-Year Journey to cosmicMEADOW

Many artists made their debut on the EDC Las Vegas stage last year. In the EDC Debut series, we relive the stories of their first time Under the Electric Sky. We kick things off with Australian electronic hip-hop duo Hermitude.

edcdebuthermitudes20yearjourneytocosmicmeadow_700x430In the more than 20 years that producers Angus Stuart, aka El Gusto, and Luke Dubber, aka Luke Dubs, have spent working together, they have logged countless hours in rehearsal spaces and recording studios as they crisscrossed the world’s stages. While their journey as creative partners has landed them in their current project as the duo Hermitude, their longstanding musical bond began more than two decades ago. Both Stuart and Dubber experimented in various jazz and funk bands, eventually rising through the ranks of the underground hip-hop and beat scenes in their native Australia. Last year, their ongoing sonic evolution finally led Hermitude to their debut on the EDC Las Vegas stage.

We caught up with Hermitude to relive their debut at EDC Las Vegas and talk about their inaugural experience Under the Electric Sky. Read our full interview over at Insomniac.com.


Author Insomniac Editorial Team