EDC Debut: Jauz Aims for the Top at kineticFIELD

Many artists made their debut on the stages of EDC Las Vegas last year. In the EDC Debut series, we relive the stories of their first time Under the Electric Sky.

jauz_underwater_181856_copyIt’s hard to believe it was only Jauz’s first time playing EDC Las Vegas last year, considering that in 2015, there likely wasn’t a festival where his badass beats didn’t bless the stage. In the two years since his breakthrough hit “Feel the Volume” dropped, the wunderkind’s career trajectory has gone into light speed. Chalk that up to his genre-bending sound, which takes the laid-back, wobbly funk of UK bass and smashes it with the face-melting attitude of American bass music.

While he honed his sound and plotted his rise to the top of the heap, he opted out of joining his friends in chasing the party. Instead, he spent hours locked in his shark tank, perfecting his sound. Still, he couldn’t resist being set free a couple of times to attend EDC. And while he envisioned his EDC debut on one of the smaller stages, we thought it more appropriate to get the whole #SharkSquad in on the action on night one at kineticFIELD. He rose to the occasion and threw down a set that spanned the entirety of his musical inspirations, from heavy metal to heavy bass.

We caught up with Jauz between stops on his never-ending cycle of gigs and studio sessions to talk about his debut Under the Electric Sky.

In 2014, you talked about wanting to play stage7 at EDC, and for your EDC Las Vegas debut, you ended up at kineticFIELD. How did you feel when you learned you were playing the mainstage for your first-ever EDC performance?
That’s a really good point; I haven’t thought about that in a while! That’s pretty crazy to think about—I guess I beat my expectations a bit! [laughs] EDC that year felt so normal for me, as the days leading up to it were pretty normal festival behavior: hanging out with all my friends I never get to see, watching sets. But the minute we started pulling up to kineticFIELD, my jaw dropped. I had never actually been that close to a mainstage at any Insomniac festival, much less EDC. When I realized that’s where I was going to be standing, I got really nervous for the first time in a really long time.

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