The Sounds of EDC Las Vegas: Throwbacks

In our experience, music has the power to define every single moment in our lives. A dope jam can give meaning to the little things in life while making them feel a million times more special.

Most artists look forward to weaving special edits or unreleased tracks into their EDC sets because they know practically the whole world is listening in. Even though hearing these IDs is always a huge highlight, everyone loves it when the DJ puts on a killer throwback—the kind of old-school anthem where the entire crowd lets out a collective gasp because they forgot the way said tune makes them feel (despite having heard it a gazillion times before). These are a few that will never, ever get old.

EDC Las Vegas 2017 takes place Friday, June 16, through Sunday, June 18, at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team