EDC Debut: Danny Howard’s First-Ever EDC Las Vegas Experience Was Surreal

Many artists made their debut on the stages of EDC Las Vegas last year. In the EDC Debut series, we relive the stories of their first time Under the Electric Sky.

EDCLV2016_0619_203539-4360_DVSDanny Howard knows how to set the tone. His stints as resident DJ for Ministry of Sound in Egypt and the Syndicate, the UK’s largest nightclub, have allowed him to lay down the proper vibes for some of the world’s best DJs. He’s also no stranger to massive audiences: Besides a tour schedule that puts him on festival stages around the world, his flagship BBC Radio 1 show, Dance Anthems, regularly draws in 1.8 million listeners. Still, even an artist of Howard’s stature can get awe-struck by the sheer magnitude of kineticFIELD, where 40,000 Headliners greeted the UK star during his debut EDC Las Vegas performance last June.

As tens of thousands of Headliners descended upon EDC for a night of heavy bass, Howard made it his mission to get people in the mood to party until the sun came up. His widely eclectic set during the early evening on the final night of last year’s festival was proof positive that EDC is a place where genre boundaries don’t exist.

We caught up with Howard to talk about his debut Under the Electric Sky.

On a massive structure like kineticFIELD, you almost become one of the smallest moving elements on the stage. Does being dwarfed by the enormity of everything allow the music to speak for itself in a way?
[Laughs] That is a very good question! I remember last year in [EDC Las Vegas] being so overwhelmed by how vast it was. I mean, how big can a stage actually be?! I estimated it was probably the length of three football fields next to each other, and then the production was next-level crazy. Water fountains on a stage—whaaaat!?

The music does speak for itself, of course, because without that you have nothing. It’s important to get your set right for such a huge event, and then the stage, production and performers really enhance the whole experience. At EDC, [it’s] like nowhere I’ve ever seen before! Incredible!

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