EDC Debut: LUMBERJVCK’s bassPOD Experience Was Years in the Making

lumberjvck-705x470You know those moments on the dancefloor when the lights and lasers hit just right and you are totally vibing with the DJ, as a wave of emotion rushes over you because you can’t believe this is your life right now? Well, DJs feel that, too. It’s something LUMBERJVCK (Connor Schatzel, to his family) can personally attest to, because he’s been on both sides.

For four years, Connor attended EDC as a Headliner, soaking up that energy from the crowd while laying the groundwork for his own EDC Vegas debut. Well, sort of—last year’s “debut” wasn’t actually his first time playing EDC; back in 2013, he took top honors for our Discovery Project contest for EDC Chicago, thanks to some seriously nasty beats.

Using his DP win as a launchpad and motivation for the daily grind, LUMBERJVCK upped his production game at the ICON Collective, followed by a string of hugely successful dirt-nasty tunes. Now a trendsetter for the bass music contingent, LUMBERJVCK’s melding of trap and dubstep struck a chord with bass heads and DJs alike. It wasn’t long before he became a part of 12th Planet’s Smog Records family.

We caught up with Connor to talk about his debut Under the Electric Sky. If you’d like to read our interview with the man, head over to Insomniac.com.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team