Insomniac Records to Host upside-downHOUSE at EDC Las Vegas

Since launching in 2014, Insomniac Records has pushed the future sounds of electronic music via eclectic signings and diverse releases. This summer, the forward-thinking record label is bringing its boundary-pushing ideals to EDC Las Vegas, where Insomniac Records is hosting upside-downHOUSE all weekend long.

From dusk till dawn throughout all three nights of EDC Las Vegas, the crew is coming in full effect with a proper roster of up-and-coming acts and celebrated artists who are pushing the best breakout sounds in dance music. upside-downHOUSE is also where you’ll experience fire sets by the undiscovered talent from our Discovery Project family—and where you’ll get a sneak peek into the forthcoming sounds and artists of Insomniac Records’ in-the-works sublabel, In / Rotation.

Previously hosted at Nocturnal Wonderland, EDC Mexico and EDC Las Vegas 2016, upside-downHOUSE boasts a unique wooden façade that stands 30 feet tall and stretches nearly 50 feet wide. The elevated DJ booth sits at the center of the structure like a panoramic window into the house party, as thousands of Headliners dance around its 180-degree inverted framework. More than 78 gallons of UV paint bring the stage to life, with neon colors reflecting off every angle.

At this year’s EDC Las Vegas, upside-downHOUSE will debut never-before-heard releases and unreleased originals straight to the dancefloor. Later this month, In / Rotation will introduce Insomniac Records fans to a brand-new wave of cutting-edge artists, with notable names from the upcoming roster bringing their highly anticipated sets to the stage.

Flip your world upside-down with colorful visuals, thick basslines, and all-around good vibes inside upside-downHOUSE at EDC Las Vegas.

Stay tuned as we roll out more information and details regarding upside-downHOUSE at EDC Las Vegas 2017, including full artist lineups and daily schedules.