EDC Debut: Anna Lunoe and Her Journey to Make EDC History

Many artists made their debut on the stages of EDC Las Vegas last year. In the EDC Debut series, we relive the stories of their first time Under the Electric Sky.

edcdebutannalunoeandherjourneytomakeedchistory_2When Anna Lunoe arrived at EDC Las Vegas last June, she was exhausted. Two days of sleepless travel from Australia had left her feeling intensely emotional, and until that point, the only thing she was worried about was doing a good job on one of the world’s largest stages. It wasn’t even until a few hours before she left for EDC that she learned the big news: Anna Lunoe would make history as the first solo female artist in EDC’s 20-year history to ever take the mainstage. And oddly enough, news of this major milestone put her at ease. Lunoe found comfort in the fact that she had already laid the groundwork to get there. She grew less concerned with what to play as the historical impact of the moment began to wash over her.

As day made way to night and the bright lights of kineticFIELD came into view, Lunoe weaved through a set that solidified her trendsetter status. A mix of unexpected grooves, IDs, and deeper cuts kept the crowd on its toes as she took a massive sea of Headliners on a memorable journey through sound.

We caught up with Lunoe to discuss her groundbreaking, history-making debut Under the Electric Sky.

Looking back, you had quite an emotional day leading up to your set at EDC Las Vegas last year. You’ve mentioned that learning the news of becoming the first female solo act to grace the EDC mainstage put you at ease. What was it about the news that comforted you?
I guess it was a feeling that in some ways, the show was larger than me. The journey I had taken to get there was just as important as whatever I happened to do on that stage that day. I felt less stressed about the minutiae of putting the set together, and I thought more about the bigger picture of what was happening.

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