“All Are Welcome Here” in the Official EDC Las Vegas Trailer

Headliners: The time has come for us to gather once again in this place where all are welcome! At EDC, we celebrate the beauty, the love, and the stories that connect us to one another. Here, we are more alike than we are different, and we dance as one. This is our sanctuary. This is our home. This is Electric Daisy Carnival.

Our newly released EDC Las Vegas 2017 official trailer, which you can view in full above, reinforces this message of peace and unity. It’s a powerful video that takes a compelling look into the current state of affairs around the world, opening with a culmination of visuals that display our ever-changing, at times challenging, global climate. We’re then transported on a heartfelt journey through the unspoken connectivity, hidden beauty, and purpose we find in the places that make us feel most at home.

Once a year, over 400,000 Headliners come together to celebrate positivity and inclusivity in a colorful world where they can express themselves freely without judgment. Exploring the indescribable feeling that can be found only at the annual celebration, the official trailer is an uplifting look into the spirit of EDC and the accepting community that coexists within it.

Remember: All Are Welcome Here.

Tickets for EDC Las Vegas are available now.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team