Gear Up for EDC With These One-of-a-Kind, Fan-Made Products on Etsy

If you haven’t thought to hit up Etsy for handmade EDC outfits, accessories or ideas, you’re in for a real treat if you start a search! While this isn’t necessarily intended as an official endorsement, it’s undeniable that the site often features one-of-a-kind DIY creations sure to be standouts at the party. Here’s where to look first:

Carnival Owl Samba Bra

Carnival-Owl-Samba-Bra-705x479There’s a whole mini cottage industry of owl products happening here on Etsy. There are even a ton of owl bras to browse, though you admittedly have to be fairly small to wear a lot of them. Nothing you’ll put on your boobs for EDC is quite as majestic as this beaded Carnival Owl Samba Bra by Dollyiance. Are you the right woman to rock this? Only one is available, so you might want to figure it out quickly. ($475.23)


Owl Corset


For people who want to drench themselves in pure owl vibes, the Owl Corset surrounds you in feathers and rhinestones. Pair it with some barely-there bottoms, and you’ve got a complete outfit with a real committed theme. The corset can even be customized to your specs if you want a slightly different design. ($120)

Kandi Owl Mask


If a bra or corset isn’t exactly your personal style, the Kandi Owl Mask may be a better ticket. Choose to add jewels—or nah—depending on your level of shyness. ($70+)

Clear EDC Cyborg Goggles


There’s no guarantee you won’t seriously freak someone out in these Clear EDC Cyborg Goggles, which look like they are from a very far-off time. But that could be really fun to do! ($265)

Light-Up EDC Rave Hat


There’s only one made-to-order Light-Up EDC Rave Hat. It’s lined with blue EL wire to give off a cool night glow. Blue and silver glitter also help to make your presence known during the daytime. ($75)


LED Earrings

LED-Earrings-705x470Where have these been all our lives? These LED Earrings are made from fabulously non-precious zirconia, so if you lose ‘em, it won’t be too tragic. ($9.99)

Men’s PLUR Owl T-Shirt


Flashy yet minimal, this Men’s PLUR Owl T-Shirt by SFYNX Apparel glows in the dark to help your friends find you. Not that you’re going to get lost—but just in case. Also available in tank-top form. ($36)

LED Sunflower Costume


The designer used sunflowers, not daisies, to make this two-piece costume. But when the lights on this LED Sunflower Costume are illuminated, poof! They allllmost look like daisies. ($99)

Owl Fanny Pack


Fanny packs aren’t just for your grandmother; they are a super-smart utility belt to wear to any lengthy festival. This is the last owl-related recommendation, I promise. ($23.50+)

I’m an EDC 2017 Headliner Decal Bundles


Listen, there’s definitely no chance you’ll fool our security into believing you’re headlining one of this year’s events, so don’t try any tricky stuff. But if you’re road-tripping to the party, these decals will get you in the mood. ($29.95+)

Author Insomniac Editorial Team