Get a Feel for Every Single Vibe From EDC Las Vegas With This Full Lineup Playlist

“All are welcome here.” This EDC mantra is an open invitation for all humanity—whether you’re a diehard raver, free-spirited festivalgoer, introverted extrovert, hardcore kandi kid, glitter fairy, totem warrior, pansexual party monster, or however else you might identify. And since there’s zero room for discrimination in our world, we would be remiss to not have that belief system carry over into the way we book our lineups.

EDC Las Vegas covers the full spectrum of electronic music, with each stage offering a little something-something for everyone. Trying to familiarize yourself with every subset of sounds should prove to be a daunting task, which is why we went ahead and did all of the busywork for you. In this full lineup playlist, you can feel every single vibe that’s waiting for you in the desert this year.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team