Here’s What Headliners Had to Say About the Epic Art Cars at EDC Las Vegas

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There is no shortage of great music at EDC Las Vegas, and you don’t have to stick to the big stages to see a killer lineup all weekend long. Four of the 13 art cars at EDC Las Vegas 2017 came pre-loaded with live music and full lineups rocking the best tunes, courtesy of some of your favorite tastemaker labels and collectives. Plus, the wild and unique decorations of each art car added to the festival vibes.

All weekend long, Headliners interacted with and reacted to the epic art cars at EDC Las Vegas. Here’s what they had to say.


Wide Awake

Wide-Awake1000x666Look: Packed with funky antiques and a steampunk-inspired aesthetic.
Vibe: Where you go for something different.
Weekend highlights: PsyTribe takeover on day three.
The crowd says: “This is the most tribal art car. It’s got the most cutting-edge music. For me, out of all the stages, this music is the most real.” —Amit



Boombox1000x666Look: A massive, neon-lit boombox.
Vibe: When you don’t really want to go to bassPOD, but you kind of want to go to bassPOD.
Weekend highlights: Cats & Boots Records takeover all weekend long.
The crowd says: “The Boombox art car is rad. I love the decorations, and the sound system is great. Our homie, Rybo, is playing right now, and obviously he’s crushing it. It’s more of a party vibe over here. Some of the other art cars play interesting music, but this is some booty bass.” —Phil



Kalliope1000x666Look: Burlesque stage meets speakeasy.
Vibe: For that I-just-want-to-dance mood!
Weekend highlights: Desert Hearts takeover on day one, Monstercat takeover on day two, and IN / ROTATION and Discovery Project takeovers on day three.
The crowd says: “A lot of my friends are at the mainstage right now, but I’m over here because this is the type of music I like. It’s intimate, and there’s plenty of space to shuffle.” —Mike



Parliament1000x666Look: Twisted forest chic.
Vibe: Hosting dirty beats all night long.
Weekend highlights: Brownies & Lemonade takeover on day one, Trap Nation takeover on day two.
The crowd says: “It’s comforting. It gives me this safe space to let go. It looks like a nest, and the music has just the right vibe.” —Samantha

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