Protect Your Phone

Register your phone with us to receive a custom wallpaper. Change your lock screen to the wallpaper provided. If your phone is lost and turned into lost & found, we can scan your unique wallpaper to pull up your registration information and let you know that your phone has been found!

Protect Your Phone


Come Grab a Free Property Tag!

Swing by the lost & found booth or any information kiosk to pick up some property tags (while supplies last)! Register the tags online and then attach them to your keys, wallet, backpack, etc. If your items are lost and turned into lost & found, the team can scan your property tag and get in contact with you to come pick them up!

Lost & Found Hours & Locations

View our inventory at either Lost & Found location, or check our current live inventory online at any time below!

Interior Lost & Found
In Downtown EDC
Friday – Sunday | 7:00 PM – 4:30 AM

Exterior Lost & Found
Outside Gate C Entrance (top of the grandstands)
Open 24-hours from Friday at 8:00 AM – Monday at 5:00 PM

Lost & Found Locations Map

Staying in Camp EDC? Ground Control staff at the Mesa Information Booth are happy to help you view inventory online to see if your item was turned in.

View Current Inventory

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lost & Found?

Lost & Found has two locations. One location inside the festival, and one outside.

  • Interior Lost & Found is located in Downtown EDC. Enter Downtown EDC from Daisy Lane and you will see it on your right.
  • Exterior Lost & Found is located outside of Gate C near Speedway Blvd.
My item wasn't at one location, should I check the other?

Both of our Lost & Found locations operate on the same system and have the most up-to-date log. There is no need to visit the other location if the first one does not have your item.

What are the Lost & Found hours of operation?

Interior Lost & Found is open from 7:00 PM - 4:30 AM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Exterior Lost & Found is open 24-hours from Friday at 8:00AM - Monday at 5:00PM.

I found an item, but I can’t find a Lost & Found booth. Where should I go?

If you cannot locate us by using either the map or the app, you can leave found items:

  • At any info booth
  • With any Headliner Experience team member in a blue Insomniac shirt
  • With any Ground Control team member in a purple Insomniac shirt with wings on the back
  • With any Insomniac staff member in a black polo shirt with “Insomniac” in white on the front
  • With any officer from the local police or sheriff department

Please note that we cannot vouch for or guarantee transfer of items given to third-party security teams.

I see my item! How do I get it back?

If you see your item online, submit a claim. Bring your claim number to Lost & Found so that we can reunite you with your item. Please note that the Lost & Found team will ask for additional information to verify ownership.

How current is the inventory?

Inventory is updated in real time as our Lost & Found team receives and logs items. Check back frequently as items are turned in around the clock.

Can you let me know if my item is turned in?

You can submit an alert via ( If an item is turned in with a similar description, we will send you a notification to check the log.

I lost something, but the Lost & Found staff said they don’t have it. How do I find out if my item has been turned in?

Don’t lose faith if we don’t have your item right away! We receive a trickle of items throughout the event, an avalanche after it ends, and even more as tear-down begins. You’re welcome to check back. Online claim forms will be available on this page from just before the festival until about 48 hours after it ends. Once those are live, you will be able to submit your information and see if we have your item. It is ok to message us in a foreign language. Please do not submit multiple forms for the same item, and do NOT try to contact us through other channels, like Facebook, phone, or fax.

What happens after the festival is over?

After the festival is over, lost items are transferred to an offsite location. If you find your item online after the event is over, you can submit a claim to have your item shipped back to you. In-person inquiries at Insomniac HQ will not be accepted under any circumstances.

What if I think my item was stolen?

If you feel that an item was stolen, we encourage you to complete an online police report. If you feel that your phone was stolen, we also ask that you click here and complete our online tracking form.

EDC Las Vegas
music cover
  • 1 Dombresky Technikal
  • 2 Billy Kenny & Maximono Das Ist Sick
  • 3 Born Dirty Jammy Dodger
  • 4 BIJOU Rock This
  • 5 Treasure Fingers Only One
  • 6 Tommy Trash Hi Sound Lo Sound
  • 7 SLANDER & Basstrick Drop It
  • 8 Liquid Stranger Crunk
  • 9 GRiZ Wicked (Megalodon Remix)
  • 10 JSTJR Fried
  • 11 Bonnie X Clyde Rise Above VIP
  • 12 Cut Snake Stomp
  • 13 Astronomar Tissue
  • 14 Jayceeoh & Clips x Ahoy Dancin On My Wrist
  • 15 Des McMahon Resonant
  • 16 Reid Speed + Frank Royal Voodoo Princess
  • 17 Craig Williams ft. Mandy Jones No One
  • 18 Devoted to God Letting Time Go
  • 19 Aazar x Bellorum Ravage
  • 20 Bleep Bloop Venom
  • 21 LO'99 & Marshall F Take Me Back (Unreleased VIP)
  • 22 LO'99 & Marshall F Take Me Back (Unreleased VIP)
  • 23 Sacha Robotti Deemster
  • 24 Brennen Grey Terra Nova
  • 25 Will Clarke + Bot Lil' Mami
  • 26 Nucleya ft. Kavya Take Me There
  • 27 John Askew A Million Stars
  • 28 Simon Patterson Smack (Waio Remix)
  • 29 Sinden Frazzed
  • 30 ATICA Like U
  • 31 Coone ft. David Spekter Faye
  • 32 NOA Take Me
  • 33 PAZ Diplo Tears
  • 34 BAGGI & PEZNT ft Rena Paradise
  • 35 Dino & Soothslayer Elixer
  • 36 Corporate Slackrs x Emma Zander Electric Sky