Premier Parking

Reduce your time and hassle with Premier Parking. You’ll get in and out of the parking lot more easily, which means more time spent enjoying the festival.

Take I-15 North to Exit 58 at Apex. Turn RIGHT on N Las Vegas Blvd. Follow signs for Yellow Lot/Premier Parking. Turn RIGHT into the Yellow Lot at Entry 9. This is the only way to get to the Premier Parking Lot, so please do not try other routes. Only those with Premier Parking passes will be allowed on this route.

Premier Parking Lot Opens at 3pm Friday, and 5pm Saturday & Sunday

General Parking

General Parking is FREE. The largest parking lots with easiest access are located on the west and south sides (Brown and Green Lots), accessible via Las Vegas Blvd.

Take note of where you park your car. Check signs for the lot number. Check landmarks, pin your location, take a photo. Take note of the route you walk to the venue, so you will recognize the way back to your car after the show.

General Parking Lots Open at 3pm Friday, and 5pm Saturday & Sunday

ADA Parking

Take I-15 North to Exit 58 at Apex. Turn RIGHT on N Las Vegas Blvd. Follow signs for ADA Parking. Turn RIGHT into Entry 8.

ADA Parking Opens at 3pm Friday, and 5pm Saturday & Sunday

Parking Lot Restrictions

Vehicles must vacate the parking lot each day at the close of the festival. Any vehicles left in the lot after-hours will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

The following activities are strictly prohibited in the parking lot and areas surrounding the venue:

  • Tailgating
  • Sleeping in your vehicle
  • Buying/selling tickets
  • Vandalism, loitering or other illegal behavior
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Illegal drug use

Rideshare, Taxi, and Guest Drop-offs

Going to EDC Las Vegas with Uber? Given the Speedway’s distance from downtown and the other large-scale events in Las Vegas, riders should expect longer wait times, dynamic pricing, and product unavailability due to very high demand. We’re still working hard to get you to EDC, but there may be limited reliability as demand will be very high. Explore alternative transportation options to get to and from EDC Las Vegas.

Rideshare availability has been extremely limited in the region. While your favorite Rideshare option is still encouraged, we ask that Headliners have back up options in mind, particularly for late night/early morning hours. Taxis, a friend and or carpooling are all recommended alternatives.

All rideshare, taxi, and general drop-offs and pickups must occur at the designated Guest Drop-Off and Pickup location (Mid-Brown Lot), which will remain open for the entire event. Approach Las Vegas Motor Speedway from I-15 North, via E. Tropical Parkway exit and follow the signs for the Rideshare/Taxi/Pick Up & Drop-Off lot. This is a new exit off the I-15 that should be utilized exclusively for pick up and drop offs. There will be no parking available off of the E Tropical Parkway exit.

For everyone’s safety, passenger drop-offs/pickups will NOT be allowed on-street near the Speedway or anywhere along Las Vegas Blvd between the Speedway and Downtown Las Vegas, and pedestrians will not be allowed to walk on Las Vegas Blvd to the Speedway. This will be enforced by Las Vegas Metro PD and the Nevada Highway Patrol.

Charter Buses

Private charter buses will NOT have access to the Speedway during EDC Las Vegas. We highly recommend using the Official EDC Shuttle Service to ensure your ride to the festival site.

Insomniac Holdings, LLC and its affiliates, together with their respective employees, officers, owners, shareholders, members, directors, representatives and agents (collectively, “Insomniac”) are NOT RESPONSIBLE for and assume no liability arising from fire, theft, damage to or loss of any vehicle or any articles left therein. Parking at the event constitutes acknowledgement by the holder that he or she has read and agrees to the provisions of the foregoing contract. Vehicles (a) remaining in parking areas after close or (b) in parking areas other than as designated by Insomniac are, at Insomniac’s sole discretion, subject to tow-away at owner’s expense.

EDC Las Vegas
music cover
  • 1 Dombresky Technikal
  • 2 Billy Kenny & Maximono Das Ist Sick
  • 3 Born Dirty Jammy Dodger
  • 4 BIJOU Rock This
  • 5 Treasure Fingers Only One
  • 6 Tommy Trash Hi Sound Lo Sound
  • 7 SLANDER & Basstrick Drop It
  • 8 Liquid Stranger Crunk
  • 9 GRiZ Wicked (Megalodon Remix)
  • 10 JSTJR Fried
  • 11 Bonnie X Clyde Rise Above VIP
  • 12 Cut Snake Stomp
  • 13 Astronomar Tissue
  • 14 Jayceeoh & Clips x Ahoy Dancin On My Wrist
  • 15 Des McMahon Resonant
  • 16 Reid Speed + Frank Royal Voodoo Princess
  • 17 Craig Williams ft. Mandy Jones No One
  • 18 Devoted to God Letting Time Go
  • 19 Aazar x Bellorum Ravage
  • 20 Bleep Bloop Venom
  • 21 LO'99 & Marshall F Take Me Back (Unreleased VIP)
  • 22 LO'99 & Marshall F Take Me Back (Unreleased VIP)
  • 23 Sacha Robotti Deemster
  • 24 Brennen Grey Terra Nova
  • 25 Will Clarke + Bot Lil' Mami
  • 26 Nucleya ft. Kavya Take Me There
  • 27 John Askew A Million Stars
  • 28 Simon Patterson Smack (Waio Remix)
  • 29 Sinden Frazzed
  • 30 ATICA Like U
  • 31 Coone ft. David Spekter Faye
  • 32 NOA Take Me
  • 33 PAZ Diplo Tears
  • 34 BAGGI & PEZNT ft Rena Paradise
  • 35 Dino & Soothslayer Elixer
  • 36 Corporate Slackrs x Emma Zander Electric Sky