You’ve made countless memories at EDC. Let us help you make the best one of all: your wedding! Insomniac offers complete wedding packages for legal unions, as well as non-legal commitment ceremonies and vow renewals. Grab your lover, your partner, or your festie bestie, and pledge your love Under the Electric Sky.

Note: All wedding participants and guests must have EDC tickets, purchased separately.

The following must be done PRIOR to your wedding:

  1. Obtain your marriage license.
  2. If you plan to play your own music during the ceremony, download it onto your phone so our coordinator can hook it up to our sound system.
  3. Arrive at the wedding check-in at least 30 minutes prior to your reserved time.

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Marriage Licenses

The friendly staff at the Clark County Marriage Bureau look forward to EDC each year because of all the wonderful Headliner couples who come in to get their marriage licenses! Be sure to stop by before the festival, as you are responsible for obtaining your license prior to your legal wedding at EDC Las Vegas. (Note: Vow renewals and non-legal commitment ceremonies do not require marriage licenses.)

Clark County Marriage Bureau
201 Clark Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89155

The Bureau is open daily from 8am–midnight. There is no waiting period. At off-peak times, the process takes only 15-30 minutes, but you may experience delays on Fridays and holidays.

The fee is $77 cash or $79.79 with a credit/debit card, and you must show a valid photo ID for each person. Learn more.

Symbolic Ceremonies

Ceremony Package

First come, first served


Ceremony Package Features
  • A short but sweet, non-legal ceremony binding any couple or group together in love/friendship
  • Photographer available to take photos using your personal camera or phone
  • First-come, first-served from 7:30pm–4:00am
  • No reservation required
  • No marriage license required

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Wedding FAQ

Do we need to make a reservation for a free vow renewal or commitment ceremony?

No. The free commitment/vow renewal ceremonies or are conducted on a first come, first served basis each night of EDC Las Vegas.

Does the purchase of a wedding package grant us access into the festival?

No, a wedding reservation does not include entry into EDC Las Vegas. All participants and guests must purchase their tickets separately.

We are traveling from out of state; can we use a marriage license from our hometown?

For a legal wedding, a marriage license from the state of Nevada is required. Find out how to get one!

Can a same-sex couple have a legal union performed at EDC Las Vegas?

Yes! Same-sex marriage is legal in Nevada and encouraged at EDC. Just make sure you get your marriage license first!

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